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Episode Reviews
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Episode Reviews

Who thought episode, "Third Hokage Forever!" was sad? I sure did! Ecspeacally Gaara's lonely passed! Poor, poor Gaara. 

You have a fave Naruto episode? I do! Share yours as I share mine!

I have no idea what this box is for, lol!

I like a lot of episodes so it's hard to name them!

The episode of Sasuke vs. Itachi is pretty good, if you want to watch it go to the following link and type it in and search. Sroll down to find it! Here is the link:

The episode

Grade (on a scale 1 to 10): 8

Favorite Episode


My fave episode, eh....I have to say that episode where Sasuke has to fight his older brother Itachi! I would never fight my sibiling! Would you?! 

Everyone who comes here must love the show naruto!